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22 – RHCE diversity among Brazilian patients with sickle cell disease (SCD) and select groups of blood donors

21- Antigen matching for transfusion support in Brazilian female patients with sickle cell disease to reduce RBC alloimmunization

20- Optimization of red blood cell unit storage during SARS-COV-2 Pandemic: adopting new strategies to ensure supply in a decentralized blood bank in Brazil

19- Characterization of RHD alleles presente in serologically RHD-negative donors determined by a sensitive microplate technique.

18- Serologic strategy in detecting RHD altered alleles in Brazilian blood donos.

17- Correlation among automated scores of agglutination, antigen density by flow cytometry and genetics of D variants.

16- Novel RHD alleles in African Brazilians.

15- Molecular characterization of three novel RHD alleles in Brazilians.

14- SMIM1 polymorphinms in a donor population from southeast Brazil and theis correlation with VEL expression.

13- A novel Kel silencing ellele in Brazilian patient with anti-Ku.

12- Clinical Significancce of na Alloantibody against the Blood Group Glycoprotein.

11- RHCE variants inherited with altered RHD alleles in Brazilian blood donos. 

10- Indentification of four novel RHD alleles with altered expression. Of D in Brazilians.

09- Na overview of the use of SNaPschot for predicting blood group antigens.

08- Frequency os Wr(a) antigen and anti-Wr(a) in Brazilian Blood donos.

07- A simple approach to screen rare donos in Brazil.

06- Novel RHAG allele enconding the Rh(null) phenotype in Brazil.

05- How do we indentify RHD variants using a practical molecular approach?

04- Two novel KEL alleles encoding K0 phenotypes in Brazilians.

03- An easy and eficiente strategy for KEL genotyping in a multiethnic population.

02- A new strategy to identify rare blood donos: single plymerase chain reactin multiplex SNaPshot reaction for detectatin of 16 blood group alleles.

01- DARC (Duffy) and BCAM (Lutheran) reduced expression. In thyroid câncer.



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